Feb 17

BWWAAAAAAAHH! Minicast, 02/17/11

Yep: it’s exactly the movie you think it is. I just wish I’d said something more interesting than I did about it.

I might not have explicitly said this yet, but all I’m saying/writing for these is what I thought of in the time I had. And while other thoughts do come to mind that I usually think would be more interesting, they’re not fully formed and so I can’t write them down in the time I have.

So that means I usually don’t have that much interesting to say about most of the films I watch, because I’m just saying what comes to mind in the time I watched the movie and the hour or so afterwards.

Personally, I’m surprised most of them go for as long as they do.

Anyway, audio’s a little quiet on this one; sorry. But quiet or no, you can listen to tonight’s Minicast right bel-ah, dammit! See, only now I just thought of what I shoulda done: somehow constructed the Minicast for tonight that I had to do a Minicast within a Minicast, thereby being super meta and automatically funny.

Oh well. The Minicast on “Inception” is right below. The plain old Minicast, that is.


It’s also available as a plain old download. Not a download within a download or whatever. And yes, that’s totally possible; very easy, in fact.



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