Feb 23

I Can Speak With An Australian Accent – Minicast, 02/23/11

My fingers keep feeling so irritated all the time, right under the nails. Frankly, I’m not sure writing two hours nonstop each day like this is that good for them when I keep getting this compulsion to rub the fingertips harshly against the keys.

But wait…I spend my entire Thursdays and Fridays and half of Wednesdays sitting at a computer doing nothing but typing! So I guess I’m not really gonna get away from it, am I¿

Bah well. My fingers hurt, but I’ve got another Minicast for ya. Tonight is “Robin Hood: Men In Tights”, the first Mel Brooks film I’ve watched as part of this so far. I’m not fully sure if I’ll get around to all of the other ones, though, but for now you can listen below. Oh and Phil: if you actually ended up looking at this when you went back home, leave a comment!


You can download the Minicast as well, but I don’t think it’ll help my fingers any.



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