Mar 01

I Take It Back! Minicast, 03/01/11

Month three; look at me! Still going strong with this…whatever it is I’m doing here. Well, here’s to the next two months.

So I watched that “Prince of Persia” movie that came out last year. You know, “The Sands of Time”. And while it was my first time watching it, I still sorta felt like this was set up in such a way that you could make a tie-in videogame. How would that even go?

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time: The Game: The Movie: The Game: The Fuck?

…And three seconds later, I realise that I’m pretty sure either Giantbomb or The Escapist already did that multiple titles joke.

So, anyway; it’s a short one tonight. But short things aren’t that bad, right? Takes less effort for everyone to get through them. It doesn’t take much effort to listen to it: just press that button right underneath this paragraph.


Takes a bit more effort to download it, though: where the text went blue? You were supposed to click it. Possibly right-click it and select some sort of drop-down option.



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