May 19

Another New Thing?!

So I may have stopped doing that weekday movie thing a couple of months ago, but that didn’t mean I’m done talking across the Internet, no sir!

Presenting the F.U.N Podcast, beta edition!

What does it stand for? Well since I’d forgotten the name until the end of recording, you’ll have to listen to find out. But fear not, because I and my Internet acquaintance, StarRoadWarrior, do our very best to keep you entertained until that point.

In this inaugural, very unstructured episode, we cover what we’ve been playing, talk about a bunch of Nintendo’s franchises, prove how lazy and busy I am by talking about what the state of PSN was at the time of recording (the day before it went back up, I believe) and get distracted at almost every turn. Of course, because we are geeks, we talk a little about movies, music, TV and webcomics in amongst everything.

I think it’s absolutely terrible and that we can only get better from this point on, personally.

You can listen to it somewhere underneath this bit of text. And if you look even further, you may spot the elusive download link!





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