May 17

This Year’s Birthday Haul

I had a good birthday this year, and I’ve walked away with quite a nice load of stuff. Check it out!

So, to begin with, on the morning of my birthday last Wednesday, my brother turned up and asked me to hold up the silver case he was holding.

And it was fucking heavy!

A poker set! 500, high-quality ceramic chips. Heavy enough to cave a dude’s skull in with a purposeful swing. Kickass.

Later on in the day, I decided then was as good a time as any to get a haircut as a birthday present from me-to-me. I kinda miss having black hair now, though. Maybe I should dye it again…

After a thoroughly boring half-day at class, I was off to a small family dinner. My sister and her boyfriend decided to get me some “pixel art”. By which they mean this:

I know, right?! It’s the goddamn Triforce! Made out of small pieces of Legos, it honestly looks like just an 8-bit painting from even a short distance. And with the lighting on the side and everything… awesome!

Next, on the Saturday, I went out for the day with my dad, searching for something I’d want him to get me. After about half an hour of indecisiveness, I picked a new head unit for my car. It talks to my iPhone, which is about all I care for at this stage.

Also we picked up a nice jacket as a gift from one of my aunts and uncles. And then had a late lunch with them and one or two other people.

Saturday night can best be summed up by the one video to come out of it. So…yeah…

Flaming Marshmallow


Sunday, I visited my grandparents and picked up what I consider the best gift of everything, only because of the fact that they really went out of their way to find it.

A high-quality, simply beautiful Mahjong set, almost as heavy as the poker set. I love them. Also a Scrabble set from one of my other relatives. Fun! For a videogames guy, I sure did pick up quite a few old school pieces of entertainment.

And then came Monday. My mum also wanted me to just take her to a shop and pick something for her to get, but like with everyone else that wanted to do that for me, I couldn’t really think of anything.

But after getting my Triforce, I knew exactly what I was gonna get as my gift from her. Straight to Game Traders, we picked up the coup de grace, as well as the perfect gift to signify that it was for my 18th birthday, as they would only be sold to persons 18 and over: the Master Sword.

$140, almost as heavy as the Mahjong set and fucking amazing. If I go outside in public with this, I will actually get arrested! I’m planning to get the Hylian Shield ($120) later in the year as well. I now have a Triforce, an Ocarina of Time, and a Master Sword. Guess who’s making a Link cosplay? Even though I’ll have to make a fake shield and sword for cons, it’d still be worth it.


And so, unless I get a surprise present from somebody I forgot about, that wraps up my birthday haul from this year.

Which leaves me to air a few things out; clear up some preconceived notions that people have had about me, as well as just coming clean on some things I never mentioned before.

Well, really there’s just two things.

1. Yes, I’m only 18. There’ve been people that, for some reason, see me as being mid 20s. Not entirely sure why.

2. My name is not actually Roy Fortitude. I never saw any good reason outside of forms to put my real name on the Internet. And now with a fictitious surname to go with a fictitious first name, I see even less reason. Your name is whatever you choose to be known by, and so outside of official documents in real life (bank, tax, work, school), I choose this moniker. And so even though I’m admitting this now, I will not say what my real name is. I just don’t see it as being that important.

Also, I request that if you do find out, inadvertently or otherwise, my real name, please don’t refer to me by it. In the same manner that Yahtzee Croshaw doesn’t appreciate people calling him “Ben”, if you try to act like you’re being more personal to me by using it, I’m just going to see you as the world’s biggest prick.


Well, I think that just about does it. I haven’t really updated this thing since I was doing that Minicast thing, so hopefully this being nice and long and full of never-before-seen secrets about me makes up for that.

Although lately I’ve been doing my version of a let’s play: “Let’s Enjoy”. Named because I hate conforming, as well as because “let’s play” makes no sense when you think about it.

So I’m playing through Zelda: Twilight Princess, which you can see all the current videos of right here – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?p=PL5986489E12E8FE97 – and on Viddler as well, if you like longer videos – http://www.viddler.com/explore/frozentreasure/videos/1/

As far as writing goes, I haven’t completely given it up, but I just have significantly less time to work on it than in years past. It’s part of the reason I would do my “experiments” that were basically single serving scenarios. I’m working hard on a couple of stories that made me break my embargo on not taking notes or writing drafts or anything, and I’m personally looking forward to finishing up some of my preexisting stories so I can get to them.

And I’ve also decided to try and do another comic thing! With 87% less meta than the last one I did, have a gander at “That Third Panel“. There’s four strips at the moment; take a browse through my recent uploads on dA to find it.

I don’t really update it on any sort of regular schedule, but I will try to not just let it go for months without anything done on it.

And I’m hoping to start doing another podcasting-type-thing. I’ve recorded the first episode, but I’m still not sure how we’ll go for a format, since so far I’ve just got 3 hours of a Skype call that I need to trim down to something reasonable. But as soon as I’ve figured out a format that won’t take ages for me to work with in post, I’ll totally make it happen!

I think that’s just about it…



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