Aug 06

Bouncing Princess Freakout – Prototype

During the month of June, I, along with three other programmers and five or six artists were tasked to make a quick prototype. The only two criteria our teachers gave us were the mechanic — platformer — and the name, Bouncing Princess Freak.

We managed to weasel a change in the title into our final build at the end of June and here we are, with Bouncing Princess Freakout.

Now, when I say “during the month of June”, what I really mean is that we did this in eight days. Two days each week actually went towards work on the prototype.

I forgot to include a readme of any sort (and to hell with reuploading the .zip) so read through this before downloading. In fact, the link’s below all of this text, so you should end up reading it anyway.


Use the left and right arrow keys to move in their respective directions and the up arrow key to jump. I think we put in WASD for that as well. Sounds like a logical thing for us to do, definitely.


You’ll notice each time you bounce on a block, it will either turn on or off. Turn enough blocks in the level on to open the exit and continue to the next level. Including a progress bar of some sort probably would have been a good idea on our part…


Because the programmer who did our credits was — and I’m being charitable here — just plain awful, outside of debug mode, they behave in an…interesting fashion. Anyway, there was a timer in the credits that would return to the main menu after they had finished scrolling. So you can either wait 20 seconds through the credits or just hit escape once you’ve had your laugh.

And so, with that all said, I don’t think there’s anything that should be too unclear in this. If you have questions, comments, praise or scorn, feel free to let me know about it either here or messaging me on Twitter. Rest assured, basically all of the terrible parts of this prototype have already been quote-unquote “fixed” in our current project.

Because I didn’t have the time to find the actual project and make a Mac build, the download is only of a Windows executable. But I assume the four people reading this have no problem with that, right?


And, well…enjoy!



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