Dec 26

The 2011 Christmas Haul. And End of Year Stuff Too, I Guess

So hey, merry Christmas! Or, as I’ve taken to saying the catch-all statement that isn’t as vague as “happy holidays”, merpy Christmahanukwanzakah Solstice! I hope everyone had a good day, or at least a better day than whatever their usual is.

For me, it went just about how it always does. Breakfast and presents with my mother, sister and her fiancée, brother and his wife, as well as several people that are somehow our family because my mother mothers everybody.

So after stuffing my face with ludicrous amounts of ham, chicken, toast, pancakes, various other things and watching (’cause I don’t drink) everyone else consume far more alcohol than would normally be appropriate at 10 a.m, I headed off with my brother and sister-in-law to my dad’s.

By which I mean my dad’s contribution to my Christmas. It was actually at one of my aunts’ place. As per usual; she’s got a spa/hot tub, so where else would you spend Christmas?

Shortly after we arrived, we got the second round of presents out of the way and moved on to lunch. Yet another full-to-bursting meal of fish, turkey, chicken, ham, prawns, salad, crumble, Turkish delights and more copious amounts of liquor followed, with the liquor continuing all the way to the spa.

In fact, the drinking didn’t really stop at any point. It’s probably why everyone else found everything so much funnier than I did. By the way, there’s just about nothing funnier than people drinking bottles of champagne while in water, then having it all hit them at once when they stand up. Seriously; can barely think of anything better.

Anyway, just like the structure of Christmas Day has been the same several years in a row, the weather has also been exactly the same. The day starts out wonderfully sunny and blazingly hot, then, generally around the time we get into the hot tub, the wind’s brought total cloud coverage over; and rain follows about ten minutes later.

So after two hours of soaking with six other people in a hot tub that I’m almost certain was built for at least half of that number of people, we got out and finished off the rest of the food, since we were slightly hungry again.

Then, two movies I hadn’t seen before. The title of one of them was in either French or German, so I can’t repeat it, and was about the WWI Christmas Truce. The second was the 2008 adaptation of “Easy Virtue”. Neither were particularly outstanding, but for a late-night, warm feelings Christmas movie, the war one was nice; and Colin Firth was great in Easy Virtue.

Plus, everybody in the room but me by that point was drunk off their faces. Champion of the crowd was my dad, who was at 1.4% when we checked his level. Before he had another glass of wine. The best part of that, though, was that it didn’t affect him in the slightest this morning.

So that was Christmas Day for me in a nutshell; now onto the presents, since I have named this post about them.

So I posted this image to Twitter a little earlier; naturally, no responses, but that’s okay. That, excluding the money I got given, is just about everything I got for Christmas this year.

There are 24 presents in that picture; a few hard to spot, so here’s the rundown.

Presents 1-8: stuff for my car. I’ll be seeing my dad sometime this week to put them to good use.

Presents 9-13: games. Specifically…

Sin and Punishment on the Wii. In the first image, it’s resting on my leg, as opposed to this one.

Ratchet and Clanks 1, 2 and 3. Yes, these are things I’m legitimately super happy to have gotten; the 6th console generation largely slipped me by.

And a CD wallet full of, naturally, a bunch of PS2 games. I mean, if I wanted to hype it up some, I could have counted each game as an individual present as opposed to the whole case’s contents as one.

My Christmas stocking. Filled with about the same things as it’s usually filled with. I’ll spare you the details, but I will say that I, my future brother-in-law and our friend dubbed it the perfect one night stand kit.

Kickass pen; I always love a good pen. And this one’s got some serious weight to it as well.

Technically not a present, but my aunt let me borrow this. I think I’m gonna read each of the books after watching the season of the show.

Kinda surprising, but I get the feeling I’ll make good use of this. Definitely. Nothing like some random quotes to start your day. After all, according to… William Randolph Hurst, “You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.” Yeah. Something to think about.


Y’know, I never actively seek out Far Side, but I also never dislike it. This was actually the most popular present this year. I can tell this, because everyone else kept trying to steal it from me.

Mint, anyone?

Unhealthy chocolates that’ll last me for several months at the rate I eat them?

In the first round of presents, my eldest brother got a sweet-ass hat. I got no hat; apparently I didn’t need one. Thankfully, my dad thought otherwise. Now I can be a chimney-sweep, paper-boy on the streets of 1930s Manhattan, A factory worker asking for a raise, or a grandfather being visited by the grandkids. I seriously love hats, people.

Despite ordering it ages before the Homestuck book and from a different online store to the Homestuck book, both actually arrived on the same day. I want to wear this every single day for the rest of my life or until I get a bunch more Homestuck shirts/hoodies. I can’t do the windy thing though, unfortunately.

And the last one, that, had anyone tried guessing the presents in the pic, would be the one that I think nobody would’ve gotten, is the Voltaire “Commander of Unicorns” medal. Goes great with my Vorutanian keyblade necklace. Also want to wear this every single day for the rest of my life.

I also got three Zelda posters in the mail this week from the Club Nintendo catalogue, but I can’t be bothered to put a picture of them in here now. Trust me when I say they’re awesome; it took about six games to afford it.

And, of course, as I’d mentioned, several hundred dollars in cash and gift cards.

So, yeah. Pretty fantastic haul this Christmas; one of the best I can even remember, really. And, y’know, it’s been a pretty kickass year all around. I turned 18, graduated, wrote 50,000 words in a month and almost finished the story it was telling, hosted a few podcasts and guested on a few more, did a whole bunch of YouTube videos, and met got to know a girl I met last year a lot better (if you’re reading this, thank you so, so much for…everything throughout the whole year!) and collected a craptonne of stuff: comics, books, games, movies, a poker set that could kill a person with a hard enough swing…

Yeah; despite the severe downs that accompanied the ups, this was a pretty awesome year. Thanks to everyone who was there with me for any part of it; you were probably awesome, even if you weren’t Australian; and that’s saying something.

Once again, Merpy Christmahanukwanzakah Solstice and have a happy new year. I’ll see you in the year of the apocalypse.



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