Jul 31

What’s New?

Ooh, I have NOT been updating this regularly…

So what happened in the last…seven months? Wow.

Let’s see…

…Hm. Not much, all told.

I mean, I went to America in April for Anime Central, which was fun. That’s really about it. I put most things on hold so I could prepare for that; and not much has happened since I got back.

Oh; and I do a podcast. Another one. Except this one isn’t one that I edit, so it will actually exist. Instead, I just edit the website for it.

It’s called “All Nerds Must Be Eaten”, and it’s a role-playing podcast where I and some compatriots play a zombie RPG and I’m a total badass, because obviously. You can find the first episode of that right here on Nerdy Show, and you can see the other podcast-y things we do are going to do in the near future on our website right here. It’s one of those fancy Tumblrs that I don’t have because I started this site before I knew about that and am now stubbornly refusing to let the hard work I put into making any of this actually run go to waste

I’m so smart.

In other, slightly less interesting news, I finally started working on those game things I do again, after a mere five month hiatus. I also got a couple of new ideas; and started working on a game based on a Peter Molydeux tweet, because some of the things he tweets are actually interesting ideas, and making a game that links into Twitter sounded like a good challenge. And as soon as the guy I’ve got making a set of dual ciphers for it gets back to me with those completed, I’ll have more updates about that.

Oh, and over the last couple of months, I’ve gotten into streaming stuff, for some reason. Maybe because I was really bored at one point. Also because my Internet can finally handle it, I guess. Anyway, if you wanna watch me stream stuff, or check out the archives that I think have been building up, unless something’s going wrong, just go here, or, better yet, just follow my Twitter account that I actually update regularly to find out when I’m going live. Or when I’m doing anything else, for that matter.

Speaking of…whatever, I wrote a thing a week or two ago about puzzle games that I posted on a forum. You can read it here, but I might just repost it here anyway. I don’t know if it’s necessarily good or not; it’s just some musings I wrote down at midnight after playing a bunch of Splice.

Apart from those few things, there’s nothing to really report. I’m hoping that’ll change over the next couple of months, personally. I think I might actively try to update this more often. If only it was as easy as Twitter, I’d have no problem.

…Hm. I guess a few things did happen.



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