Jan 23

Spacestation Pheta Remake – Week 1

I decided last week that I wanted to actually do more game making this year, as opposed to last year, where I did none whatsoever. A good way to focus myself, I figured, would be to try and make something different each month; and to keep me from not being able to think of ideas, I figured I could just make my own versions of simple games.

So, with that, I give you my remake of Spacestation Pheta. Well, the first week of it, anyway.

Pictured: A typical game screen from the original Spacestation Pheta.

Spacestation Pheta was originally created for MacOS6 in 1988 and updated through to the 90s, but never saw any sort of port or rerelease. Shame, because it’s an amazing puzzle game with basically unlimited potential.

The game has you controlling a guy across 100 screens, moving around a grid, jumping, climbing ladders and navigating a whole bunch of other mechanics that get introduced to collect a key and get to the airlock. Every move takes up some of your limited oxygen and when you run out of it, you die.

From this very simple starting point, the game introduces lots of new tricks for you to wrap your mind around. The original game allows you to start at whatever screen you want, so the actual goal is to gain a high score, mostly from clearing each screen quickly. It even includes a full level editor, just in case you somehow conquer all the main screens.

Anyway, my first week of attempting to remake it (which is really five days, one of which I was sick for) has resulted in getting most of the framework laid out. All you’ll be able to do in this build is move around in the level, climb ladders, jump and die if you fall too far; I couldn’t get the key and exit working in time, but it’ll be in next week’s build.

This isn’t meant to be any sort of finished product right now; if you download it, I’d love to hear any feedback you have, especially on a technical level. If it breaks anywhere for you, please let me know. There’s a couple of things I’m aware of, but don’t hesitate to tell me if something doesn’t work that seems like it should.

Use the arrow keys to control and the space bar to jump; refer to this screen for safe movement techniques.

The download has both OSX and Windows copies of the build. Download.

Looking forward to sharing next week’s build with you all!



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