Jan 30

Spacestation Pheta Remake – Week 2

Hey y’all.

Second week doesn’t have much new that you can see; a lot of the work was frameworks that will let the game last for more than a level without being really clunky.

Unfortunately, the content I made today, which was mainly the second and third screens, weren’t finished in time for me to upload a build. It’ll be there in next week’s update, but this week, you’ll finish the first screen and go back to the “level select”.

Speaking of, the things that you CAN see that I put in are that the game will open into a menu of sorts. It’ll look nicer later; right now it serves its function and that’s all I need. Just enter a number into the text field, hit the button and you’ll start from that screen. Of course, in this build, you can only go to screen 1.

Additionally, in screen 1, you can now pick up a key and exit the level! Walk over the small capsule at the top of the screen and you’ll be able to go into the box at the far right of the screen. After a few seconds you’ll go to the next level; or, in this case, finish all the levels that are there and go back to the menu.

Oh, and you’ve got three lives now; lose all of them and you’ll go back to the menu. There’s pauses where you can’t control the character after you die; imagine some kind of animation or graphic showing to indicate you’ve died when that happens.

You can download the new build here. OSX and 32-bit Windows versions both included. Please let me know of any bugs or crashes or the like that you encounter.

So let’s see if I can check off what’ll hopefully be in next week’s build. More levels; at least up to screen 3, possibly even to screen 5, but I might be mistaken about when the next gameplay system gets introduced, and if it’s within the first five screens, it’ll probably be a little difficult to get that much done.

I’ll also be getting the oxygen system in place, where each movement will take away some of your oxygen, you can refill it slightly with pickups in the levels, and if you run out of oxygen, you die. Picking up oxygen also awards you points, which are technically already there, but I’ll be surfacing the score properly, as well as putting in energy tanks that award bonus points.

Pretty sure that’s everything…

Oh, and in terms of overall goal, I had originally intended to get the first ten screens in the game and all systems that would be required by that point. The thing is…that’d probably be pretty unnecessarily big. Each level would be quite sizable (the current build, with almost nothing more than the first screen, is 20MB) and I wouldn’t want people downloading something so big that has such basic artwork in it.

The original Spacestation Pheta has a level editor that lets you create your own levels and even edit the existing levels in the game. Yes, it was an old game, but it was still positively TINY; and I’m willing to bet this was a significant factor in its size.

So, assuming I get everything necessary done up to screen 5, I plan to stop making new screens there and try to make a level loader for my version of the game. I don’t know if I can make an editor in the time I have, but I’m willing to try and make a system to create the levels from a text (or XML or something) file and save actual download space that way.

So I’m hoping I can make that happen in time. If not, I’ll just work on it until I do finish it, even if it’s outside of a month’s time. That’s my (fairly lofty) goal I’ve set for myself. Looking forward to seeing how I do!



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