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Jan 30

Spacestation Pheta Remake – Week 2

Hey y’all. Second week doesn’t have much new that you can see; a lot of the work was frameworks that will let the game last for more than a level without being really clunky. Unfortunately, the content I made today, which was mainly the second and third screens, weren’t finished in time for me to …

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Jan 23

Spacestation Pheta Remake – Week 1

I decided last week that I wanted to actually do more game making this year, as opposed to last year, where I did none whatsoever. A good way to focus myself, I figured, would be to try and make something different each month; and to keep me from not being able to think of ideas, …

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Aug 06

Bouncing Princess Freakout – Prototype

During the month of June, I, along with three other programmers and five or six artists were tasked to make a quick prototype. The only two criteria our teachers gave us were the mechanic — platformer — and the name, Bouncing Princess Freak. We managed to weasel a change in the title into our final …

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Jul 05

Technically, it should be called a ‘blog.

Web log. Weblog. That doesn’t shorten to just blog. It should be ‘blog with an apostrophe to indicate that it’s the short form of a longer word. Just like it should be called a v’log. Anyway, it’s now the semester break over here, so that means two whole weeks…of still doing work. I’ve gotta do …

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Jun 08

To Make A Webcomic

Continued on from THIS (Click MORE to see the picture)

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May 11

Birthday Updates

Awesome, it’s my birthday today!

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Apr 26

Should Really Update This

Wow. What’s it been…almost two months since I updated this. Okay, that’s not totally awesome, is it. So, here’s a few updates on various things.

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Mar 29

First game and some other updates

Made my first real game from scratch; woo! Read more to download it, but don’t expect anything too great. Also a quick update on my writing progress, and where I’ll be next week.

Feb 22

Reflection Period: 15 – 19 February

Oh, COME ON! How am I so terrible at keeping organised that I didn’t manage to update the blog until today AGAIN?!

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