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Mar 02

And The Minicast Was No More

I really didn’t plan for it, but the Minicast lasted for 42 episodes. Go figure. Anyway, Minicast is done. I’m done putting out one every weekday. There’s various reasons as to why, but they’re hardly important. All that is is it being over. And if absolutely anyone had ever listened to any of them (which …

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Mar 01

I Take It Back! Minicast, 03/01/11

Month three; look at me! Still going strong with this…whatever it is I’m doing here. Well, here’s to the next two months. So I watched that “Prince of Persia” movie that came out last year. You know, “The Sands of Time”. And while it was my first time watching it, I still sorta felt like …

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Feb 28

It’s M-Day! Minicast, 02/28/11

And so, we enter week…nine? Well that’s about eight-and-a-half more weeks than I thought I’d be keeping this up for. Aren’t I the best? Tonight, it’s another of the few movies that’s made me cry, if only slightly. So without further achoo, have a listen to today’s Minicast, on a film that struck an odd …

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Feb 25

I Am So Sad, So Very Very Sad – Minicast, 02/25/11

Oh no, I already did Scott Pilgrim, didn’t I¿ So due to various unimportant factors, I’m a lot more bitter towards tonight’s film than I probably intended. The way I end the Minicast makes it almost sound like I don’t think it’s worth watching, when the opposite is true. So to listen to the whirlwind …

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Feb 24

Quirky Humour Post Title – Minicast, 02/24/11

Well, today’s movie really showed me how much I’ve changed. I used to love the movie. As for now? Well… To hear a mature (read: bitter and jaded) Minicast on “The Polar Express”, clickerate that buttonmabob! [audio:] And if you want to downloaderise it, follow that linkedydoodad! Regards, ≈Roy42

Feb 23

I Can Speak With An Australian Accent – Minicast, 02/23/11

My fingers keep feeling so irritated all the time, right under the nails. Frankly, I’m not sure writing two hours nonstop each day like this is that good for them when I keep getting this compulsion to rub the fingertips harshly against the keys. But wait…I spend my entire Thursdays and Fridays and half of …

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Feb 22

Someone’s Been Painting And I Think I’m High – Minicast, 02/22/11

If it isn’t clear in the Minicast, I watched a new-to-me movie today, so it’s pretty short. Kinda unfortunately comes off sounding a little like a review that’s about 18 months too late, though. Bah, whatever; it’s done and dusted, so let’s just keep on goin’. To blahblahblah Minicast blahblahblah “Surrogates”, blahblahblah right down there. …

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Feb 21

“Psst!” What? “Say Something Suave!” Uhh… Minicast, 02/21/11

While I try to think of something that would make a member of the opposite quiver with antici…pation, why not listen to tonight’s Minicast, on the 2006, serious version of “Casino Royale”? [audio:] And then why not download it afterwards, because I’ll probably still be thinking. Regards, ≈Roy42

Feb 18

Don’t You Die Just Yet – Minicast, 02/18/11

I’m using a sketchy connection from my iPhone to write this blog post, so I guess I should be brief. If you want to listen to tonight’s Minicast on “Titan AE” — and you know you do — you can click that triangle below: [audio:] And if you want to download it — and you don’t …

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Feb 17

BWWAAAAAAAHH! Minicast, 02/17/11

Yep: it’s exactly the movie you think it is. I just wish I’d said something more interesting than I did about it. I might not have explicitly said this yet, but all I’m saying/writing for these is what I thought of in the time I had. And while other thoughts do come to mind that …

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