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Nov 06

NaNoWriMo – Update #1

For the uninitiated… Okay, I don’t really have time to explain NaNoWriMo. I’ll assume most people reading this already follow me on Twitter anyway. But just in case, go here — NaNoWriMo.Org — to learn all about National Novel Writing Month. This is my first time participating in the event. I said I’d post an excerpt …

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Jul 31

What? I’m still writing!

It’s not that I’m not writing, but that nothing is ready to put back on the Internet. Do you realise how taxing it is to fix up all the old stories I wrote that look positively shit in comparison to my newer works? Plus, I’m now releasing all of the “Chaotic Times” stories in their …

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Jul 05

Technically, it should be called a ‘blog.

Web log. Weblog. That doesn’t shorten to just blog. It should be ‘blog with an apostrophe to indicate that it’s the short form of a longer word. Just like it should be called a v’log. Anyway, it’s now the semester break over here, so that means two whole weeks…of still doing work. I’ve gotta do …

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May 11

Birthday Updates

Awesome, it’s my birthday today!

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Apr 26

Should Really Update This

Wow. What’s it been…almost two months since I updated this. Okay, that’s not totally awesome, is it. So, here’s a few updates on various things.

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Mar 29

First game and some other updates

Made my first real game from scratch; woo! Read more to download it, but don’t expect anything too great. Also a quick update on my writing progress, and where I’ll be next week.

Mar 02

Writing…Not Fanfiction?!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention at some point: I actually do have original thoughts for stories! So I’ve got a few ideas in the storage bay that I’d like to share with you guys, and I’m giving you all the chance to decide again.

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Feb 25

Shut the birds up, I can’t hear my Twitter!

AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! It’s gotta be the end of world, everything is backwards, we’re in an alternate universe, I’m on Twitter, WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

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Feb 13

Apparently, I’m Awesome

So, if someone’s made a ‘tribute’ of sorts to me, doesn’t that mean I’m either super awesome, famous, or both?

Jan 30

Times Really Do Change

Yep, the first — and widely considered as the best — of my fanfictions is back on the world wide webz.

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