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Jul 31

What’s New?

Ooh, I have NOT been updating this regularly… So what happened in the last…seven months? Wow. Let’s see…

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Dec 26

The 2011 Christmas Haul. And End of Year Stuff Too, I Guess

So hey, merry Christmas! Or, as I’ve taken to saying the catch-all statement that isn’t as vague as “happy holidays”, merpy Christmahanukwanzakah Solstice! I hope everyone had a good day, or at least a better day than whatever their usual is.

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Dec 01

NaNoWriMo – I Finished It

Um…Yeah. I finished NaNoWriMo.

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Jun 08

To Make A Webcomic

Continued on from THIS (Click MORE to see the picture)

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May 16


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Feb 06

Reflection Period: 1 – 5 February, 2010

My student, it is time for you to pause for a moment and look inward. Every week, you must give yourself a chance to reflect on that which has passed. This is the first step to true growth.

Jan 23

Post-o Numero Uno

Okay, this is the first post for the actual blog. Still trying to get all the WordPress options sorted, but I’m at least grateful that I don’t have to spend another week wondering how I’ll code a blog with no assistance whatsoever. For the most part, I’ll probably be using this blog to update my …

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